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Experience seamless machine maintenance with our advanced Centralised Lubrication System. Our range includes hand-operated piston pumps, which are ideal for light-duty machinery. We also offer versatile electronic timers for precise lubrication control. Our range includes robust hydraulic power packs with custom designs. It also includes innovative automatic lubrication systems. Enhance efficiency with our oil mist systems and precise metering cartridges. Perfect for diverse industrial needs. Lubsa Multi lub offers top-quality Centralised lubrication systems in Noida, Faridabad, NCR, and across India. Find the best lubrication solutions for your industrial needs

A centralised lubrication system is a system designed to automatically deliver lubricant (oil or grease) to multiple lubrication points on a machine or piece of equipment. This helps to reduce friction and wear, extend the life of components, and improve the overall performance and safety of the machine. We at Lubsa Multilub are one of the Reputed Manufacturers, suppliers, and Exporters of Centralised Lubrication Systems at a wide range.

There are two main types of Centralised Lubrication System

Single-line systems: These are the simplest type of CLS and are typically used on small machines with a few lubrication points. The lubricant is pumped from a reservoir through a single line to each lubrication point.

Dual-line systems: These are more complex systems that are used on larger machines with many lubrication points. They have two lines: a supply line and a return line. The lubricant is pumped from the reservoir through the supply line to each lubrication point, and then back to the reservoir through the return line. This ensures that all of the lubrication points receive fresh lubricant.

Centralised Lubrication System Working principle 

A centralised lubrication system works using a central reservoir containing lubricant, typically oil or grease, which is distributed via a network of pipelines and valves to different parts of the machinery. It includes:

Industries in the manufacturing, automotive, and heavy machinery areas depend on centralised lubrication because it is an efficient and cost-effective maintenance strategy that improves equipment performance by reducing friction and wear, extending machinery lifespan, and minimizing maintenance downtime.

Central Lubrication System Fittings 

Central lubrication system fittings are essential for distributing lubricants effectively in industrial machinery. For industrial machinery to distribute lubricants efficiently, central lubrication system fittings are necessary.

Precise lubrication to critical points is ensured by components including tubing, connectors, metering valves, distribution blocks, and tubing. The fittings are designed to endure high pressures and harsh environments, ensuring seamless machinery functioning and reducing wear. For equipment longevity, downtime reduction, and maintenance schedule optimization, choosing suitable fittings is essential.

In many different industrial applications, reliable fittings serve an important part in improving operational efficiency. These are also essential for increasing productivity and reducing total maintenance costs.

  Automatic Lubrication Systems

Our automatic lubrication systems will revolutionize your maintenance procedures. These systems are designed for the most efficiency. They automate the lubrication process, ensuring uniform oil administration and eliminating operator involvement. They are ideal for a variety of industrial applications because they help extend equipment life, reduce wear, and improve operational dependability. These systems are a wise investment since they save labor costs while boosting machine uptime, making them a necessary component in contemporary industrial maintenance.

Automatic grease lubrication systems are high-tech answers for effective lubricant delivery in industrial sectors. These systems consist of a pump, injector, controller, and distribution blocks to automate the lubrication.

Main Components of Automatic Grease Lubrication Systems

Automatic lubrication systems comprise pumps, injectors, controllers, and distribution blocks. The pumps provide a continuous supply of grease, while the injectors dispense the grease in different quantities at different points for lubrication. The amount is then monitored and controlled with distribution blocks to feed equal amounts to the machinery, thus reducing wear and extending the life of components.

Automatic lubrication systems increase equipment reliability and reduce maintenance costs through the automation of lubrication processes. Investment in such systems benefits efficiency and extends life, improving operational effectiveness in industrial applications.

Automatic Lubrication Systems Details

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